The Best Flowers to Use in a Floral Wall

Monday July 12, 2021 | Silk Flower Walls

The Best Flowers To Use In A Floral Wall

In recent years, flower walls have become an important feature of many festivals. You can use our flower wall rental in Miami as a statement installation in any room. Whether you use it as room décor or to create a show-stopping photo opportunity. Including a photo opportunity is a terrific method to increase awareness for your event and business while also ensuring that your attendees will tell others about it. It’s critical to understand the best types of flowers to choose from while creating a floral wall. Color, type, season, and availability of flowers should all be considered. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best flowers to use for flower walls for rent so you can get a head start on your next flower wall for rent!

Roses-The Best flowers – Always Available in a Variety of Colors

Roses are a popular bloom to incorporate into your floral wall. We use roses for an array of reasons starting with the fact that they come in an abundance of colors. You can create many different patterns and make the wall extremely customizable. They are sturdy flowers that you can effortlessly place into any type of floral wall structure. Roses are constantly in season and easy to come by. Indeed, they Will be the ideal flower to hang on your flower wall backdrop in Miami.

Roses for an Ombre Effect

Consider roses if you want to create an Ombre effect for your floral wall. Roses come in a range of colors, making it simple to construct a falling color pattern. The Ombre style creates a striking floral wall statement and will undoubtedly stimulate a lot of photo capturing!

Orchids are Unique and can Create a Delicate Pattern

An orchid is a statement flower that will have a very strong presence on a wall. The orchid variety you’ll find most often is the cymbidium orchid. These flowers may come in only a handful of shades but show a unique pattern throughout the petals. Orchids are delicate flowers with a very strong impact. 

The Best Flowers Wall in Miami

A Miami flower wall is becoming increasingly popular in the events sector because it adds an extra touch of elegance and visual beauty to an event. So, why not incorporate the healing effect of flowers into your home as a permanent fixture?

The benefits of having Miami flowers wall rental:

  • A flower or greenery wall feature is especially useful for tiny garden spaces, such as a flat balcony or box garden, because it creates the sense of a bigger natural space without the need for additional plant maintenance (better suited to a busy lifestyle.) 
  • Miami flower walls are resistant to most weather conditions because the way they are built prevents them from blowing away in the wind or rain
  • Hypoallergenic and cost-effective
  • Do you have an Instagram account for your home, know someone who does, or are you simply really proud of your property? Then, a custom floral wall is a terrific way to start a conversation and is perfect for an unprocessed grid photo.

In your business:

Set your company to distinguish by improving your brand. We can create a custom design wall that matches your company’s brand or campaign and that you can reuse time and over.

 Miami Flower walls that are both strong and ornamental might be a main point in your business environment. It is possible to make your business and a customer’s experience more memorable by using a wall as a visual help. 

Flower Wall Miami Event:

You can use the Miami flower wall for any occasion. It is an excellent backdrop for photos, especially at weddings. Our flowers will wonderfully complement your color choice.

Do you want to learn more about flower walls and what they can do for you, your home, your business, or event?

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