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If you ever need an extra piece for an upcoming event, our flower wall backdrop decors are perfect for the job! Our Flower Wall Rental Service specializes in making the most beautiful and memorable flower wall backdrops, and we also have our other offerings we have listed at the bottom with all of our additional information. 

Our Fort Worth flower wall decors can match any style you are looking for. You can adjust the colours, letters, and size all to your liking!

It is our greatest pleasure to introduce our services to this new location, with the best accomodation we offer. Our flower walls are made from the best and most natural materials, as well they are very eco friendly!

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Popular Green Boxwood Walls

Popular Silk Flower Walls

Flower Arch and Arbours

Our Services

Our flower walls range in new and fresh styles that come in colors such as pink, red and even purple that will make choosing the perfect flower wall something you will love!

We have the following offers at the moment: Silk flower walls that come with an amazing fresh and natural scent that look beautiful, they come in roses, hydrangea flowers as well as a stunning green boxwood that fits whichever aesthetic you are going for. 

We also offer flower archways, which add a magical feeling to any event. There is a wide range you can choose from just like with our flower walls!

Why Should You Rent a Flower Wall Backdrop in Fort Worth?

We offer the best and most promising flower walls. They all look amazing and are great quality wise, plus our flower walls are eco-friendly! You always want something memorable to have at an event and we can guarantee you will get that memorable effect if you go with one of our very popular flower walls!

Fort Worth Green Boxwood Backdrop Rentals:

Fort Worth Flower Archway Rentals:


Our classic flower walls come sizes is 8×8 feet, however, if you’re in need of anything bigger simply ask, and we can bring that up to 40 feet wide!


Our flower wall rentals are $399 + a delivery fee.

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Call us at (855) 759-0249 for faster questions and flower wall rental reservation bookings! You may also contact us by email using the form below and we will respond ASAP. Please note deposits are non-refundable.