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If you ever find yourself struggling to decide on a final piece or something to stand out for an event you’re planning, you can always turn to Yonkers Flower Wall Rental Service! Our new location in the Yonkers area is filled with employees ready and happy to help with servicing you! We ensure that all of our customers get the best flower wall shopping experience.

We always make sure to promise our customers high quality, environmentally safe flower wall backdrop decor. Our flower falls also offer a unique and classy boutique-style experience.

We take pride in spending time with the people we love dearly and to celebrate good times with them. That;s why we assure every client that we very seriously want to make every piece we offer as perfect as possible so that it will leave an everlasting feeling of satisfaction in our clients and in everyone in attendence to your events.

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Popular Green Boxwood Walls

Popular Silk Flower Walls

Flower Arch and Arbours

Our Services

Our flower walls each have beautiful designs with fresh natural scents, and they come in a variety of colours such as pink, red and even purple that will make choosing the perfect flower wall an exciting time

We have offerings ranging from silk flower walls that come with a flourishing fresh scent that are gorgeous. They come in roses, green boxwood and even green hydrangea flowers.

Our well-known pieces also include our Yonkers flower wall wedding decor! Such as our beautiful highly-recommended flower archways, which come in a variety of styles of colours.

Why Should You Rent a Flower Wall Backdrop in Yonkers?

Flower walls are very popular these days, which makes us more determined than ever to make sure we give you the best flower wall backdrops in Yonkers. Your flower wall will be the stunning feature that will be appreciated by everyone in attendence to your special event.

Yonkers Green Boxwood Backdrop Rentals:

Yonkers Flower Archway Rentals:


In Yonkers, our backdrop sizes are typically 8×8 feet, but of course if you need more just ask and we can even extend it up to 40 feet if desired.


Our prices for flower wall rentals are $399 + delivery.

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Phone: (855) 759-0249

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Call us at (855) 759-0249 for faster questions and flower wall rental reservation bookings! You may also contact us by email using the form below and we will respond ASAP. Please note deposits are non-refundable.