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Is your event missing something? Do you want something that will leave your guests with one more thing to leave home with? Well welcome to Flower Walls USA where flower wall rentals is our pride in the Sarasota area.

Here we offer a beautiful and unique selection of flower based decorations and backdrops that’ll leave the perfect atmosphere. 

Our job is to make your event an even grander sight for the eyes, like we have been doing for our thousands of past and current customers. We want to help you reach the same goal and leave you with a decor that you won’t forget. 

Our affordable prices will make it so expenses are the last thing on your mind and your wallet.

Still deciding, well check out ratings at and for referral. While you’re at it remember to check out our website for future updates.

Popular Green Boxwood Walls

Popular Silk Flower Walls

Flower Arch and Arbours

Our Services

Our flower walls rentals come with several creative styles and colors such as pink, red and even purple that will make choosing the perfect flower wall a blast. 

We offer silk flower walls that not only smell amazing but look great as well, they come in roses, hydrangea flowers and even green boxwood that looks fantastic with a message of your choice. 

It doesn’t stop there, check out our flower arches in combination with the several  amazing drape options we will make your event look absolutely stunning. Whether it be a wedding or a birthday party. 

Why Should You Rent a Flower Wall Backdrop in Sarasota?

I’m guessing you’ve seen a beautiful flower wall decor somewhere in the past and thought “wow that looks nice.” Well our flowers are the top of the line, high quality and full of creativity the perfect addition for an amazing picture.

Sarasota Purple Flower Walls Backdrop Rental
Gradient Ombre Flower Walls Backdrop Rental
Red Rose Flower Walls Backdrop Rental
Sarasota Mixed Flower Walls Backdrop Rental

Sarasota Green Boxwood Backdrop Rentals:

High Tea Green Boxwood Backdrop Rental
Sarasota Green Boxwood Backdrop Rental
Green Boxwood Backdrop 8x8 Rental
Green Boxwood Backdrop 8x24 Rental

Sarasota Flower Archway Rentals:

White Champagne Flower Archway Rental
Victorian Flower Archway Rental
Sarasota Victorian Flower Archway Rental
Boho Horn Flower Archway Rental

Sizing of Flower Wall Rentals in Sarasota

In the Sarasota area our decors are typically 8×8 feet, but of course if you need more just ask and we can bring it up to 40 feet!

Pricing of Flower Wall Rentals in Sarasota

 In Sarasota, Florida our prices for flower wall rentals are $399 + delivery.

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Call us at (855) 759-0249 for faster questions and flower wall rental reservation bookings! You may also contact us by email using the form below and we will respond ASAP. Please note deposits are non-refundable.