San Francisco Wedding Guide

Monday November 2, 2020 | Silk Flower Walls

San Francisco is one the best cities in all of America to get married in. The city offers beautiful ocean views, dynamic hills, historic landmarks and sunny weather. It is an ideal place to live and get married. It can be hard starting your wedding planning in San Francisco because of how many options you have available. We want to help you with your all wedding planning needs so you can focus on other aspects of the big day. We will also give you some information on San Francisco wedding rentals. Let’s get started with everything you need to know about a San Francisco wedding!

Finding the Perfect Venue

City Hall

I know what you’re probably thinking, in absolutely no way will my wedding be at City Hall. While most city hall’s have a very uninspiring look to them, San Francisco’s is a masterpiece. It resembles a high end San Francisco wedding rentals venue at an affordable price. They allow you to rent out the space with prices varying depending on time and date. 

San Francisco City Hall Wedding
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Cliff House

The Cliff House offers beautiful ocean views off the Lobos Rock. This was originally built as a house right on the edge of the ocean cliff in 1863!  It has been renovated countless times since then and is now a terrific spot to get married. The ocean terrace looks out onto the Pacific Ocean and Seal Rocks. It is definitely a San Francisco wedding rentals that you should check out before making your final venue decision.  

Cliff House Wedding
Cliff House

The Legion of Honor

This historic building was opened in 1924 to remember the fallen Californian soldiers of WW1. The building is a beautiful Beaux-arts museum located in San Francisco’s Lincoln Park. They offer a variety of wedding rental spaces in and out of the building that are all beautiful spots. 

Legion of Honor Weddings
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Wedding Decor in San Francisco

Once you find that perfect spot for your San Francisco wedding rentals, you must consider the decor. Flower wall rentals are becoming very popular in the wedding space. Flower Walls USA provides San Francisco and the Bay Area with beautiful flower walls. All of our flower walls will look fantastic at any venue. Our most popular wedding rentals are the white champagne and green boxwood flower wall. Flower walls are great at both the ceremony and reception. They create beautiful backdrops for all of those memorable wedding photos.

White Flower Wall Rental

San Francisco Flower Wall Rentals

If you are looking for a flower wall rental in San Francisco or the Bay Area, contact Flower Walls USA. You can get in touch with us at (415) 650-2250 or We provide San Francisco wedding rentals to any venue in the city and surrounding area. Our team is very experienced and will help you get the perfect flower wall for your wedding.