Real vs Silk Flowers at a Wedding

Monday November 9, 2020 | Silk Flower Walls

Over time, everything evolves as humanity looks for better and easier ways to do things. This is clearly evident when we look at technology but it also applies to flowers. For many years we only used real flowers because that was our only option if we wanted to have flowers around. Not anymore, over the years the quality of silk flowers has slowly progressed. Silk flowers are now at the point where some consider them better than real flowers. It has also allowed for unique creations like flower wall rentals in Dallas and across so many other American cities. Here is some information to help you decide if you want real or silk flowers at your wedding.

Overall Look

From the average viewing distance that your guests will see the flowers, it will be hard to tell the difference between silk and real. However, when guests go for a close up view, they will start to notice a difference. Real flowers look more authentic than silk flowers due to the fact that they are fresh. While silk flowers are very detailed,  there are certain intracesis of a real flower that a silk one just cannot match. Don’t let this point bother you, as most of your guests will not lean into the flowers for close ups.

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Can you tell if these flowers are real or silk?


Real flowers give off a very nice natural smell that silk flowers simply cannot replicate. If you really want your silk flowers to give off a smell you could consider spraying some flower perfume near them. Be careful doing this as it could start to smell real bad, real quick depending on what perfume you use. Some people will consider having no scent a huge advantage for silk flowers. There are some people whose bodies simply cannot handle the smell of flowers as it gives them side effects. If you know one of these people will be attending, consider getting silk flowers so they can enjoy your wedding.


This is the first area where silk flowers are undeniably better than real flowers. Decorating a wedding with real flowers is very expensive. Bouquets alone can cost  hundreds and large floral displays can quickly make your bank account want to tap out. Silk flowers cost substantially less as they did not require months of care to grow. If you want to save your money to purchase another item for your wedding or just save money in general, silk flowers are the way to go. You can consider paying the extra money just for the bride’s bouquet and decorate the rest of the wedding with silk flowers. One final note on this topic, silk flowers have the ability to be rented, this can also bring the cost down.

Flower Wall Rentals in Dallas

Variety & Availability

There are so many different kinds of flowers that one can choose from in a variety of different colors. However, you can have issues when it comes to trying to find some of these flowers and during certain times of the year. Some flowers are extremely rare or impossible to find, making your wedding planning more difficult than it already is. This is not an issue with silk flowers as all varieties and colors are available all year round. When using silk flowers, you can decorate your wedding using any flower, no matter the season.

Home Life

You may want to take some of your flowers home with you after your wedding is over. Real flowers will only last you a week or so before they die and need to be thrown out. Silk flowers can be taken home and stay in your life forever. This allows you to keep a piece from your big day in your house forever.

Making the Choice

There are lots of reasons to start choosing silk flowers over real flowers. If you feel that silk flowers are right for your wedding, contact Floral Walls USA at (415) 650-2250 or We can provide you with flower wall rentals in Dallas and so many other cities across Our experienced team is standing by to help you with all of your silk flower needs.

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