Green Boxwood Flower Wall Rental Guide in Florida

Monday November 9, 2020 | Silk Flower Walls

There are so many great flower wall rentals available in the bay area. Without a doubt, one of the best options is the green boxwood flower wall from Flower Walls USA. This flower wall has a natural beauty to it and can be customized in so many different ways. So much so that we wanted to give you a full guide to the green boxwood flower wall. We offer wonderful flower wall rental in Florida and many other parts of the USA. Let’s take a look at this beautiful piece and all the ways it can help you at your next event.


The basic boxwood flower wall is an 8 by 8 flower wall that resembles a large hedge. This version of the boxwood flower wall offers extreme versatility as it can be used at so many different events. Oftentimes people will order this version of the green boxwood flower wall when they have other event decor or want to add a natural scene to their event. This is the starting point for every boxwood flower wall rental. There are so many options to help make each order unique that we will continue to learn about.

flower wall rental in Florida


Most flower walls only come in one size, but not the green boxwood flower wall. This flower wall comes in 3 different sizes to help satisfy a variety of different needs.The standard and most popular size for this flower wall is 8 by 8 feet. The other 2 sizes are 8 by 16 feet and 8 by 24 feet. These 2 sizes are great if you have an extended space that you want to cover with flower walls. These sizes are great for trade shows, outdoor spaces, corporate events and galas.


Each greenwood flower wall order from Flower Walls USA allows you to add gold lettering to each order. When adding lettering, you can choose from preset phrases or create your own. Adding lettering is a great way to customize your flower wall and make it stand out. The lettering looks great in photos and helps establish the overall theme of the event.

Silk Flowers in Florida

Silk flowers are another great way to customize the green boxwood flower walls from Flower Walls USA. We call this product, the green high tea flower wall. A variety of premium silk flowers decorate the top and sides of the flower wall. The silk flowers look great against the hedge design of this flower wall rental.

flower wall rental in Florida

Renting With Flower Walls USA in Florida

If you are interested in a flower wall rental in Florida and across the USA, check out Flower Walls USA. In addition to the green bowood flower wall, we have a variety of other fabulous flower wall rentals. We have an experienced team that is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of customer service. Below is our contact info, we would love to hear from you.

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If you need any other rentals for your event, you should check out Events 365. They have a large variety of rentals available to help you decorate any event.