Flower Walls at Wedding Receptions in Orlando

Monday July 5, 2021 | Silk Flower Walls

Wedding receptions are some of the best parties to plan or attend. They are filled with emotional moments from the speeches and dances. While still keeping the fun energy of a traditional party with the music, food and drinks. Coordinating all of these activities within the wedding’s theme can be an exhausting and rewarding experience. Before you spend hours looking for the right decorations to add to your wedding reception. You should check out some of the flower wall rentals in Orlando from Flower Walls USA. Flowers walls make for amazing wedding reception rentals in Orlando for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the ways that a flower wall can enhance your wedding reception.

Flower Walls in Orlando

The first step in adding a flower wall to your wedding reception is figuring out which one is right for you. Here at Flower Walls USA, we offer 6 different flower wall rentals in Orlando. Each of our flower walls are crafted with premium silk flowers, consisting of hydrangeas and roses. All of our flower walls stand at 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide, with the option to extend them horizontally. With each flower wall rental, we offer the ability to add custom lettering. Custom lettering is a great way of making each flower wall feel like your own. Here are 6 wedding reception rentals in Orlando that we offer: 

All of these flower walls offer their own unique look, one of which could be perfect for your wedding reception. It has to be said that our most popular wedding reception rentals in Orlando is the White Champagne Flower Wall. The beautiful white flowers are often a favorite as they fit in with the white color scheme of most weddings.

wedding reception rentals in Orlando

Flower Wall Rentals in Orlando

Once you have selected the flower wall that is perfect for your wedding reception, it’s time to find the right spot for it. There are so many different ways that you can use a flower wall at your wedding reception. The first spot you can put your flower wall rentals is behind the wedding table. The wedding table is a big attraction at the wedding reception, everyone wants to get a peek of the new couple. Plenty of people will be trying to snap a picture of the couple as well. A flower wall backdrop will provide a dynamic background display to this key wedding reception landmark. 

wedding reception rentals in Orlando

Another great way to use these wedding reception rentals in Orlando is as a photo booth. With so many friends and family around on such a big day, all dressed spectacularly, it’s only natural to want to take pictures with them. You can place your flower wall in an open area, giving people plenty of room for pictures. These pictures will be ones that you want to keep forever.

Wedding Reception Rentals in Orlando

If you are interested in getting a flower wall for your wedding reception, reach out to us at Flower Walls USA. Our team will help you get a flower wall that is perfect for your wedding reception. You can contact us at +1 (855) 759-0249 or flowerwallsusa@gmail.com.

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