Flower Walls at Baby Showers in Orlando

Monday July 19, 2021 | Silk Flower Walls

Baby showers are an awesome celebration to have before your newborn arrives. These celebrations bring you together with all of your loved ones before you are too busy to see them. There are so many different directions that you can take a baby shower, everything from light-hearted to classy works great. One of the best decorations to have at a baby shower is a flower wall. Flower walls can provide your baby shower with a beautiful backdrop that is perfect for photo opportunities. Here at Flower Walls USA, we can provide you with this and more baby shower rentals in Orlando. Let’s take a look at all of the amazing ways you can decorate your baby shower.

Flower Wall Rentals in Orlando

Flower walls are giant floral displays that work perfectly as a backdrop. They are beautiful and provide great depth to any photo. We have 6 different flower wall backdrops for rent in Orlando,each providing their own unique color waves. Each of these baby shower rentals in Orlando is crafted with premium silk flowers. These 6 flower walls include:

Once you have selected the flower wall that is best for your baby shower, there’s still more to do. With each order, we give you the choice to add custom gold lettering to your flower wall rental in Orlando. Adding custom lettering is a great way to personalize your flower wall and make it feel like your own. 

baby shower rentals in Orlando

Photo Booth Rentals in Orlando

At your baby shower, you will surely want to take photos with all of your friends and family. One issue that you might encounter while trying to take these photos is the varying quality of everyone’s different phone cameras and their knowledge of how to use them properly. One way to eliminate this variety is by getting a photo booth rental in Orlando. We can provide you with an open concept photo booth rental to go alongside your flower wall. Our team will bring a HD DSLR camera, state of the art printer, flash, and table for props to go alongside your flower wall rental in Orlando. Flower walls and photo booths make a great combination of baby shower rentals in Orlando.

baby shower rentals in Orlando

Baby Shower Rentals in Orlando

If you are interested in adding these amazing baby shower rentals in Orlando to your baby shower, reach out to Flower Walls USA. You can contact us at +1 (855) 759-0249 or flowerwallsusa@gmail.com. Our team would be happy to answer questions you may have and get you the best rentals for your baby shower.

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