Decorating with Flowers in Orlando: Silk or Real?

Monday July 5, 2021 | Silk Flower Walls

Flowers are one of the most frequently used decorations that we use in our everyday life and at special events. We decorate our homes with flowers, give flowers to loved ones, and use them to signify big events. There is no way to truly replace flowers, but what if there was a better and more efficient way to use flowers. Well there is, silk flowers. Silk flowers offer many benefits that real flowers do not. Here at Flower Walls USA, we exclusively use silk flowers for flower rentals in Orlando. People may question this decision initially but there are compelling reasons to use silk flowers over real ones. Here are some reasons to make the switch to silk from real.

Flower Rentals in Orlando

As flowers are a limited resource based on the season, it creates high demand. The high demand causes the price of flowers from stores and vendors to rise. This leads to many people not being able to afford flower rentals in Orlando for their special events. Silk flowers come in at a much lower cost than real flowers as there is a nearly unlimited supply. Allowing you to get even more flowers at a much lower cost. Being able to have more flowers on hand for your event, gives you freedom to decorate areas you previously couldn’t. The lower cost of silk flowers gives many people a reason to consider making the switch.

flower rentals in Orlando

Flower Wall Rentals in Orlando

Real flowers have a limited capacity at which you can use them. First, certain flowers can only be grown in certain colors. Silk flowers allow you to create flowers that have never been created. This can allow you to make unique and captivating displays. Next, real flowers can only be displayed in a limited amount of ways. They are often only displayed in vases, flower pots, or outside gardens. Silk flowers allow you to display flowers in an unlimited number of ways. One of the most popular ways to display silk flowers is with flower walls. We offer flower walls as a part of our flower rentals in Orlando. Flower walls allow you to display the beauty of flowers in a new concept that you cannot achieve with real flowers.

flower rentals in Orlando

Our flower wall rentals in Orlando stand at 8 by 8 feet and come in a variety of different colors. Flower walls are the perfect piece of decor to use as a backdrop at your next event. They offer the beauty and depth of flowers while giving them new elements of verticality and sheer abundance of them. To learn more about these flower rentals in Orlando, check out our website.

Flower Rental Service in Orlando

Now that you have learned more about silk flowers and why people are turning to them over real flowers. There is one more question that you are probably asking yourself, “How different do they look?” The answer to that question is very simple. Silk flowers look practically identical to real flowers. The only way that you can tell the difference is by examining them very closely. If you are hosting an event, I wouldn’t worry about that fact too much as many of your guests won’t be seeing the flowers from that close-up. There are a few differences between these flower rentals in Orlando.

flower rentals in Orlando

Getting Flower Rentals in Orlando

If you are ready to try silk flowers, then you should contact us at Flower Walls USA. We can get you a wonderful silk flower wall for your next event. You can reach us at +1 (855) 759-0249 or Our team will get you the best silk flower wall for your next event.

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