Decorating Wedding Receptions in Miami

Monday March 22, 2021 | Flower Arches | Silk Flower Walls

The wedding reception is when most of the fun happens at a wedding. Between the speeches, dances, traditions and drinks there are certain to be a couple laugh out loud moments. However, it’s not all fun and games during a wedding reception. There is some serious business to attend to, the decor. There are a variety of great wedding reception rentals in Miami. We put together a list of best pieces of decor that you can have at your wedding reception in Miami.

Flower Walls in Miami

We love flower walls here at Flower Walls USA, obviously. These pieces of decor stand at 8 by 8 feet and are decorated using premium silk flowers. Our white champagne flower wall will make a beautiful addition to any wedding reception. Flower walls are primarily used as photo backdrops. This is great for wedding receptions as people are looking to catch up with each other after the ceremony. With it being a wedding, there are going to be lots of people there that you probably haven’t seen in a while. The flower wall will provide a backdrop for those precious photo moments. Be sure to check out these wedding reception rentals in Miami.

wedding reception rentals in Miami

Marquee Letters in Miami

These beautiful wedding reception rentals in Miami come to us from our friends at Marquee Lights Rental. They offer beautiful sets of marquee letters that are perfect for wedding receptions. These letters stand at 4 feet tall and are decorated on the inside using soft white lights. The lights on the inside of the letter make it so these letters can be seen from across the room. Marquee lights look exceptional in a dimmer setting, perfect for when the dancing begins.

wedding reception rentals in Miami

Flower Arches in Miami

You probably had an arch at your wedding ceremony but who says you can’t have one at your wedding ceremony. After all, an arch is a beautiful symbol to have at your wedding since it represents new beginnings. Here at Flower Walls USA, we offer flower arches. These arches are decorated using premium silk flowers. We love how these wedding reception rentals in Miami look when placed behind the head table at the reception.

wedding reception rentals in Miami

Photo Booths in Miami

Sticking with the fun vibes of a wedding reception, photo booths can make a beautiful addition. Every photo booth rental with Flower Walls USA comes with:

  • Unlimited 4×6 Prints during event + share to social media
  • Digital copies of photo booth pictures
  • On-site attendant during the event
  • Live view and touch screen photo booth
  • Email sharing of pictures
  • Lots of fun photo booth props provided for guests!
  • Photo booth backdrop colour of your choice (navy/gold/rose gold/purple/silver)
  • Equipment includes everything needed to operate: HD DSLR camera, state of the art printer, flash, backdrop and stand, table for props.
wedding reception rentals in Miami

Wedding Reception Rentals in Miami

If you are interested in adding any of these rentals to your wedding reception, we will provide the contact information below. Each company has a very experienced team that will be able to provide you with excellent service.

Flower Walls USA (Flower Walls, Photo Booth and Flower Arches)

Phone: +1 (855) 759-0249


Marquee Lights Rental (Marquee Letters)

Phone: + 1 (855) 954-5152