Best Events for Flower Walls in Phoenix

Monday November 9, 2020 | Silk Flower Walls

Are you looking for event rentals in Phoenix or the rest if Arizona? Flower walls are beautiful pieces of event decor that are functional at so many different events They come in a variety of sizes and colours, adding to their beauty and versatility. Flower walls are typically used as backdrops for key areas at events. No matter what event a flower wall is at, people want to take pictures in front of it. People are always captivated by their beauty and want to share it with their friends and family. Each flower wall from Flower Walls USA allows you to add custom lettering to it, making each one unique. If you are interested in a flower wall but don’t know when is the appropriate time to use them, we can help. Here is a list of the best events to rent a flower wall for.

Weddings in Phoenix

Weddings are the best time to rent a flower wall. They are usually filled with flowers from all of the bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnières and corsages. Flower walls are another beautiful floral display that you can have at your wedding. You can choose to decorate your ceremony or reception with it. Some people have opted to use a flower wall over an archway for their ceremony. The most common place for a flower wall during a wedding is behind the newly wed table at the reception. Another popular spot for flower walls is right behind the wedding ceremony.

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Bridal Showers in Phoenix

Bridal showers are great parties to have a flower wall at. They often are an all female crew, making flowers a very appropriate backdrop. Bridal shower flower walls are best used when placed behind where the bride to be will be sitting for most of the night. It will make her feel special having all of her friends with her and a beautiful wall behind her. This is a great place to experiment with flower walls if you are on the fence about having one at your wedding.

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Baby Showers in Phoenix

Baby showers are fun gatherings to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby. The mother-to-be is showered with love and gifts. The flower wall will provide a beautiful backdrop for the entire party. Flowers produce a very light and happy energy that is perfect for a baby shower. There are lots of great lettering phrases you could choose to have on your flower wall. 

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Rent Flower Walls in Phoenix

If you are looking for event rentals in Phoenix or the rest of Arizona, Floral Walls USA. We can provide you with a flower wall rental. You may contact us at (415) 650-2250 or Our team is very experienced and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. 

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