Beautiful Wedding Flower Arches in Chicago

Monday November 9, 2020 | Flower Arches

Flower arches are very popular at weddings for ceremonies and backdrops. Arches have long been associated with weddings as they symbolize new beginnings. People have been decorating their wedding arches in a variety of different ways for years. Flowers are the most common choices to decorate wedding arches. Floral Walls USA decorates their arches with green garland and a variety of pink, cream, and white flowers. All of the arches are complimented with white flowing drapes. Here are some flower arch rental in Chicago and across the USA that you can have at your wedding. 

Victorian Archway in Chicago

The Victorian archway is the most popular flower arch rental in Chicago from Floral Walls USA. This flower arch is filled with flowers across the top and down the sides as well. If you really love flowers, this is the wedding arch for you. The colors of all the flower heads compliment each other really well and are great wedding colors. This arch looks great at both ceremonies and receptions.

Flower Arch Rental in Chicago

Meadow Flower Archway in Chicago

This flower archway is great for anyone who wants a more traditional wedding arch while still adding some modern flare. This arch focuses on the white wedding drapes while complimenting the nice floral arrangements in key positions. Each of the drapes are tied back with flowers, in addition to flowers in the top corners. This is a great option if you want a light amount of flowers on your arch. The meadow arch looks especially great when in an outdoor setting. This is easily the best flower arch rental in Chicago for an outdoor wedding.

Flower Arch Rental in Chicago

Getting a Flower Arch in Chicago

Flower arches are a great way to make the traditional wedding arch more beautiful than it already is. If you are interested in a flower arch rental in Chicago or many other cities across America, contact Floral Walls USA. You can reach us at (415) 650-2250 or Our experienced team is standing by to help you with all your bridal shower needs.

If you are looking for more event rentals to compliment your flower arch rental in Chicago, check out Event 365 Rentals. They have a variety of event rentals available to complement your decor.